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ISF4-X incubator shaker

ISF4-X incubator shaker
Technical Data

Large incubator shaker with a minimal footprint and up to five independent shaker units

The Kuhner ISF4-X incubator shaker offers large shaking capacity with temperature, humidity and CO2 control all available. The shaker cabinet can incorporate four or even five independent shaking units which are height adjustable. The shaking diameter and speed of each unit can be individually selected. Standard diameters are 12.5, 25 and 50 mm. Other shaking diameters are possible.

Performance characteristics

  • All stainless steel interior
  • Large shaking capacity
  • Easy access to contents
  • Each shaking unit has its own direct drive
  • Door heating, with controlled humidity

5 year warranty

5 year warranty

Large shaking capacity

Large shaking capacity



CO2 control

CO2 control

Further information

Shaking diameter

Dr. Shakers Helpful Hint N°4 explains what the shaking diameter is and how you can determine the shaking diameter of your lab shaker.

Dr. Shaker

Find information on the importance of the shaking diameter for biological cultivations in our Shaking Technology Forum: Why is the shaking diameter important?


Guaranteed quality

When designing the ISF4-X special emphasis was placed on reliability and durability. The high quality of Kuhner shaking machines is backed with a five year warranty.

We subject all our shaking machines to an elaborate final test before delivery and send the test protocols to our customers.

5 years warranty


Safety and convenience

The large door opening of the ISF4-X allows easy access to the shake flasks inside. The doors are fitted with a safety switch to ensure shaking stops when the doors are opened. 

The large windows allow a clear view of incubator’s contents. The entire ISF4-X chamber is made of stainless steel making sterilisation with chemicals possible.



Energy saving operation

The highly efficient direct drive system means economic low power consumption and the cooling system also operates with energy efficiency.

Electrical protection

Electrical protection

Automatic supervision of the mains voltage protects the shaker and in the event of a voltage spike the unit disconnects from the mains. The machine resumes operation at the set values once power is restored.

Technical Data

Baseline model

ISF4-X Basic

ISF4-X Compressor


108674 + 106032

Baseline model with CO₂ control (optimized for cell culture)

ISF4-XC Basic

ISF4-XC Compressor


108673 + 106032

+ Option Humidity

ISF4-X(C) Basic

ISF4-X(C) Compressor

not available


Technical Overview

ISF4-X(C) Basic

ISF4-X(C) Compressor




Humidity control


no / yes

Temperature minimum

ambient + 10°C

ambient - 10°C

Temperature maximum

80°C (60°C)*

80°C (60°C)*

Humidity maximum


- / 85 % r.h.

Power consumption


< 2000W / < 2600W

* incubator shaker optimised for cell cultivation

Technical data subject to change


Gas volume

1272 l

Weight (without SF-X)

520 kg

Weight with 4xSF-X

720 kg


2 fl lamps

Operation menu in

German, French, English, Italian, Spanish

Interface, standard


Interface, optional

USB, Ethernet, digital, analogue

Ambient temperature

10°C up to 35°C

Dimensions (in mm)

ISF4-X Massbild


2x cable feedthroughs with PG 29 (ID 30mm)


Setting, digital


Accuracy, absolute

± 0.30°C (37°C)

Principle of sensor


Power of heating


Power of cooling (electric)


Air circulation



max. at 25..55°C

85% r.h.

Setting, digital

1% r.h.

Accuracy, absolute

± 2% r.h.

Principle of sensor


Water refill


Water heater


Door heater



Principle of sensor

Infrared, NDIR

Measuring range

0...20% CO2

Setting, digital


Accuracy, absolute
(including non-linearity, calibration uncertainty, repeatability)

± 0.40% at 5% CO2

Temperature range



max. 2 bar overpressure

Mains connection

220 - 240 V / 50-60 Hz

190 - 210 V / 50-60 Hz

Shaking unit SF-X

Tray, size

F (800x420mm)

Loading, maximum


Setting, digital

1 rpm

Accuracy, absolute

≤ 800 rpm = ± 0.5 rpm
> 800 rpm = ± 1.0 rpm


1s ... 999h



Active brake


Stop on position


Shaking motion


* orbital, Ø 12.5mm

20...500 rpm

* orbital, Ø 25.0mm

20...400 rpm

* orbital, Ø 50.0mm

20...300 rpm

* linear, ↔ 12.5mm

20...400 rpm

* linear, ↔ 25.0mm

20...300 rpm

* linear, ↔ 50.0 mm

20…200 rpm

* can be changed

Technical data subject to change

Overview Options 

Do you know these options?

Touchscreen with Kuhner Insight Software for simple operation, monitoring and programming of incubator shakers.

Icon Touchscreen

EPFL-table for 50ml bioreactors


CO₂ control

CO2 control is essential when working with mammalian cell cultures. Kuhner was the first company to manufacture and supply incubator shakers with CO2 control more than 15 years ago and continues to offer this option. More.


All Kuhner incubator shakers can be fitted with cooling. The refrigeration system is regulated by a fully digital PID control ensuring minimal energy consumption. The cooling is switched on only when required as determined by the chamber temperature and set point. More.

Humidity control

Humidity control is an important factor in successful fermentation. Evaporation from microtiter plates, or when cultivating in flasks for long periods (e.g. cell cultures), can be significantly reduced with humidification. More.

To reduce evaporation from shake flasks or microtiter plates a water bath is placed inside the incubator. This water bath is fitted with an automatic water supply.

3mm / 1000rpm

With this new option for the ISF4-X incubator shaker, up to two shaking units (out of four) can run with shaking frequencies up to 1000 rpm at 3 mm shaking diameter. This combination is specifically recommended for users of 96 deep-well microtiter plates with high filling volumes (e.g., cell culture in deep-well plates). The shaking table is specially designed for up to 20 microtiter plates, and it is also suitable for the Duetz system. The shaking diameter is user-adjustable to any other standard configurations of 6, 9, 12.5, 19, 25, 50, and 70 mm.

The option 3 mm/1000 rpm is only available for ISF4-X with active cooling.

The temperature accuracy, absolute for this option 3mm/1000rpm is +/-0.45°C (at 37°C).

Existing ISF4-X incubator shakers can be retrofitted with this option.

ISf4-X 3mm / 1000rpm

Illumination unit for photosynthesis (LED)

The ceiling of any Kuhner incubator shaker can be fitted with LED modules for the cultivation of phototrophic organisms. The control module allows full programming of night/day cycles and variable light intensity.


Additional integrated UV lamp

In the space between the incubator chamber and the rear outer wall of the ISF4-X, a UV lamp can be mounted. This can be used while shaking to decrease the number of germs in the circulated air.

Light shade plate

The light shade plate is an 100% light blocking barrier that is easily placed in front of the door windows of an ISF4-X using a magnetic clip system. It protects light sensitive media or organisms inside the shaker incubator from UV, artificial and/or daylight. To take a look at the cultures inside the incubator one can simply lift up the light shade plate. When light protection is no longer required, the plate is easily removed and can be stored by attaching them to the side walls of the shaker cabinet (if accessible) using the magnetic clips.

Also, check out the Kuhner EquipNote "Light protection for Kuhner incubators".


Black window

Available for light sensitive medium or organisms. Any Kuhner incubator shaker can be delivered with blackened windows to prevent unwanted daylight or UV radiation inside the incubator.


This option includes a 9-inch touchscreen with our Kuhner Insight Software. The touchscreen has been designed for simple operation, monitoring and programming. It can also be retrofitted to existing incubator shakers. More.

Pull-out table

The pull-out table is designed for the ISF1-Z and ISF4-X incubator shakers as well as the Rack System. This remarkable device makes loading and unloading trays much easier.


Dual table

The dual table is an easy and economical way of doubling the shaking capacity. The dual shaking table consists of two levels. Each level will accept an E (420 x 420 mm), EX (500 x 420 mm) or F (800 x 420 mm) size tray.

The dual table is available with a fixed distance between the two levels of either 120, 160, 180, or 200 mm. At the maximal distance of 200 mm the lower level accepts 125 mL, 250 mL, and 500 mL Erlenmeyer shake flasks.

However, with the dual table the shaking speed is limited to 200 rpm at a shaking diameter of 50 mm (all other maximum shaking frequencies, dependent on the shaking diameter, can be withdrawn from the ISF4-X manual).



Do you perform screenings with a large number of 50 ml bioreactors (TPP, Falcon etc.) or microtiter plates? Would you like to shake different cultivation vessels on the same shaker and be able to change the composition quickly and easily? Then the Kuhner EPFL-table is the optimal solution for you. The shaker table has 5 individual clamps, so that 5 different holders or EPFL universal trays can be clamped. By opening a clamp, a single holder or universal tray can be easily removed from the incubator shaker and processed under a clean bench while the remaining holders/trays keep on shaking.

The EPFL universal tray can be equipped with clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, Schott laboratory bottles, test tube holders, microtiter plates or customer-specific holders. Rearrangement of these clamps and holders is quick and easy. The universal tray can also be equipped with sticky strips. Sticky strips are used to fix shake flasks or other equipment on shaking trays. They offer easy handling and flexible positioning of different sizes and shapes of shake flasks and other vessels.

Special holders for microtiter plates, 50 mL centrifuge tubes (Falcons) and 600 mL reaction vessels are also available for the EPFL-table.

Instead of 5 individual holders, a large Kuhner F-tray (800 x 420mm) can also be clamped onto the shaker table.

For the smaller (incubator) shakers from Kuhner, correspondingly adapted EPFL-tables with 3 or 4 clamps are available (LT-X: 3 clamps, LS-Z: 3 or 4 clamps).




EPFL-table with different holders 


F-size tray clamped on the EPFL-table


Clamp handle 

Individual parts

Order number



Holder for 24 x 50 ml Falcon/TPP tubes mounted on a base plate

Halterung für 24 x 50 ml Zentrifugenröhrchen
Halterung für 24 x 50 ml Zentrifugenröhrchen

Order number



Cover clamp for 4 deepwell MTPs (Duetz)

Halterung (Duetz) für 4 Deepwell Mikrotiterplatten (MTP)

Order number



Universal clamp for 12-16 lowwell MTPs or 4 deepwell MTPs (Duetz)

Halterung (Duetz) für 12-16 Low-Well MTP oder 4 Deep-Well MTP

Order number



EPFL-Tray Universal kpl.

can be fitted with clamps

EPFL-Tablar Universal kpl.

Order number



Holder 5x600mL TPP tubes, straight tubes


Tube set for holder 5 x TPP 450ml

Reagenzglashalter für 5x600mL TPP tubes

Order number



Holder for 3 x 600ml reactor

Halter für 3 x 600ml Reaktoren

AerationSystem and FlowCon

AerationSystem and FlowCon provide the ideal system for carrying out cell/stem cell cultivations in a simple, fast, and inexpensive manner.

Lab shakers in temperature-controlled rooms and incubator shakers without humidity and CO2-control can be equipped with the AerationSystem and FlowCon to easily implement humidification and a controlled gas composition for carrying out cell cultivations (e.g., CHO, HEK cells…) in shake flasks.


The FlowCon is a stand-alone gas mixing device and provides a precise gas composition and flow rate. Simultaneously, the AerationSystem (consisting of GasDivider and special shake flask caps) humidifies and distributes the gas flow evenly to the connected shake flasks. Evaporation losses from the shake flasks are significantly reduced, which is particularly advantageous for very long cultivation times (such as cell culture processes) and contributes to successful cultivations. Another advantage is that opening the incubator door does not affect the gas composition in the shake flasks when they are connected to the aeration system.

By controlling the composition of the inlet air with the FlowCon, it is not only possible to supplement CO2 but also to increase or reduce the concentration of oxygen (O2) or implement anoxic conditions using nitrogen (N2). This control of gas compositions allows for a variety of different applications, including stem cell processes for gene therapy or cultivated meat that require a physiological oxygen concentration at 5% O2 or anaerobic cultivations in a nitrogen atmosphere.


The patented Kuhner GasDivider humidifies the mixed, dry gas flow provided by the FlowCon and distributes it precisely and evenly across the attached shake flasks, independent of shake flask type, tube length and any filters in-between. As the GasDivider is placed on the shaking tray of the (incubator) shaker, the gas flow is also perfectly adapted to the temperature of the incubator shaker or temperature-controlled room.

Perspex cover

To prevent accidental operation of the controllers, the panel can be protected by a perspex cover.


The TabCom option from Kuhner consists of a cable for power and data with the connection port integrated in the shaking table (see pictures below). A cable guide prevents the cable breaking and ensures secure data recording. The flexibility of TabCom means online measurement systems can be easily integrated.



IQ-OQ (Installation Qualification and Operation Qualification) is an equipment qualification according to GMP procedure. Kuhner offers this service which can also be carried out at the customer’s premises.


Overview accessories

Universal tray

The universal tray can be fitted with clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks, test tube holders, microtiter plates, or custom made holders to suit your requirements. Rearranging these clamps and holders is quick and simple.

Order number



Universal tray FU (800 x 420 mm)


Clamp U-2500 for Ultra Yield flask from Thomson


ISF4-X with Universal trays FU,

fitted with Ultra Yield flasks (2500 mL) from Thomson

Special universal tray

A special F-size universal tray (800x420mm) is now available to shake large Erlenmeyer flasks. It is ideal for cell culture.

This tray allows parallel shaking of 7 x 3L Corning Fernbach culture flasks or 7 x 5L Thomson Optimum Growth flasks at a maximum orbital diameter of 50mm. The FUM-V has no handles and a V support underneath the tray raises it above the clamping mechanism creating more space for flasks.

Clamps must be ordered separately. (Order number: 101425) 

Order number



Special universal tray, FUM-V with V support
(Clamps not included)


U-3000F clamp for Fernbach flasks:
1 x 5L Thomson flask or
1 x 3L Corning Fernbach culture flask


Tray with fixed clamps

The clamps are riveted onto these trays and cannot be removed. They offer maximum stability and will often hold a larger number of flasks than universal trays. These trays are available in a variety of flask clamp sizes from 25 to 6000ml. 

Order number


Number of clamps


F-25 ml



F-50 ml



F-100 ml



F-125 ml



F-150 ml



F-200 ml



F-250 ml



F-300 ml



F-500 ml



F-1000 ml



F-1500 ml



F-2000 ml






F-3000 ml



F-4000 ml



F-5000 ml



F-6000 ml



Tray for microtiter plates

Kuhner has designed trays specifically for microtiter plates. Handles at the front of the tray open and close the special clamping mechanism allowing plates to be loaded and unloaded. Trays of different heights (22, 47 and 77mm) allow the stacking of up to four microtiter plates. The tray is suitable for all types of plates (deep well, low well, 24, 48 and 96 well).

Order number


Number of microtiter plates



24 - 48



24 - 96



24 -  144


Tray for microtiter plates (springs)

Kuhner has designed a new tray for microtiter plates. This tray is fitted with springs which allows each well plate to be loaded and unloaded individually. The tray is available in three sizes: E (420x420mm), EX (500x420mm) and F (800x420mm).


This new tray is particularly suitable for the special holder with filter lid for deep well microtiter plates.

Order number


Number of microtiter plates


F-tray (800x420mm) for deepwell or microtiter plates


F-Tablar für Mikrotiterplatten (Federn)
Tablare für Mikrotiterplatten (Federn)

F-tray (800 x 420 mm)

Tray with pins

Kuhner has designed a new F-size tray (800 x 420mm) which is ideal for cell culture. The F-V5000/7 tray allows parallel shaking of 7 x 3L Corning Fernbach culture flasks, 7 x 5L Corning Erlenmeyer flasks or 7 x 5L Thomson Optimum Growth flasks. Flasks are held in position by pins and are easily placed on the tray and removed just as quickly.

This tray has been designed for easy cleaning and efficient handling of samples.

Order number




F-tray with pins for 7 flasks:
- 3L or 5L Corning
- 5L Thomson


Tray with rubber mat

The whole tray is covered with a rubber mat and is particularly suitable for shaking containers at low speed (e.g. blood bags).

Order number



Rubber mat FG (800 x 420 mm)

Tablar mit Gummimatte

Tray with sticky strips

A tray fitted with sticky strips is especially useful for flasks shaken at low speeds (up to 200rpm). The flask is placed directly on the sticky strip without the need for any other support. Flasks of all sizes can be used. Sticky strips are available individually or in sets and can also be supplied already fitted to a tray. The E-size tray accepts four strips, while the EX-size tray requires five strips and the F-size tray eight strips.

Order number



F-size tray with 8 sticky strips (clear)


1 sticky strip: 385 x 85 x 3 mm (clear)

Tablar mit Klebestreifen

Tray with PC-plate for sticky strips

The PC-plate increases the adhesion of the sticky strips. This is particularly helpful if using flasks >500ml.

Order number



F-size tray with 8 sticky strips (clear)


F-size tray with 2 big sticky strips (clear)


1 sticky strip: 385 x 85 x 3mm (clear)


1 big sticky strip: 395 x 385 x 3mm (clear)

Tray with PC-plate for sticky strips

Dual tray

The dual tray offers two shaking levels and doubles the capacity. It is available in EXU, EX, FU and F size and the upper tray can be removed.
Please note the shaking speed is limited.

Order number



two FU trays with 180mm distance (with holes)


two F trays with 180mm distance

(no holes for sticky strips / rubber mats)


two FU trays with 200mm distance (with holes)


two F trays with 200mm distance

(no holes for sticky strips / rubber mats)


Tray with support bars

This tray offers an alternative to both clamps and sticky mats and is ideal for tall containers. The tray is covered with a rubber mat and has an upright at each corner. The F-tray is fitted with six cross supports. These support bars securely clamp containers.

Order number


Number of longitudinal girders


FA-tray with rubber mat and 6 cross supports


F-Tablar mit Aufbausystem und Querträger

Tray for separating vessels

Kuhner has also designed a special tray for shaking separating vessels. This very flexible tray can take vessels of various sizes. It is also possible to add a second layer and double the capacity. Movable retaining rods allow vessels to be installed easily.

Order number


Number of separating vessels






20 (2 layers)






16 (2 layers)






12 (2 layers)

Tablare für Scheidetrichter

2D-Bag-tray (Cryo)

This tray was developed to shake (orbital or linear) 2D-Bags. Rubber bands secure for example smaller blood and cryo bags. The tray is compatible with ISF1-Z, ISF4-X, Rack System (SBM/SS-X) and LS-Z shakers. It accepts various brands and sizes of pillow shaped single-use bags:

  • 1 x 20L (10L working volume) cultivation bags
  • 2 x 10L (5L working volume) cultivation bags
  • 10 x 500ml or 12 x 250ml cryo bag

Order number



F-tray for 2D-bag with working volume 1/5/10L

2D-Bag-Tablar (Kryo)

2D-Bag-tray (Flex)

This tray was developed for shaking (orbital or linear) different types of 2D-bag. The tray consists of an aluminium base with a flexible mounting system on top.The mounting system can be manually adjusted to facilitate the controlled fixing of different sized cultivation bags. The mounting bars on both longitudinal sides can be moved up and down to hold the cultivation bag in place, while rubber bands will secure the smaller blood and cryo bags. The F-2D-Bag-tray is compatible with ISF1-Z, ISF4-X, Rack System (SBM/SS-X) and LS-Z shakers. The tray accepts various brands and sizes of pillow shaped single-use bags:

  • 1 x 20L (10L working volume) cultivation bags
  • 2 x 10L (5L working volume) cultivation bags
  • 10 x 500ml or 12 x 250ml cryo bags

Visit our poster gallery and find more information on the poster "Characterisation of a RSB 20 L.pdf"

Order number



F-Tray for 2D-bag with working volume 1/5/10L

2D-Bag-Tablar (Kryo)

Pin-clamps Holders

The pin-clamps are ideal for cleanrooms and areas where sticky mats or other standard clamps are not suitable. The clamps have been designed for easy cleaning and efficient handling of samples. The stainless-steel pin-clamps are compatible with all Kuhner universal trays. The shaking speed is limited to a maximum of 180 rpm at 50 mm shaking diameter.

Order number Description
107167 Pin-clamp 1000 mL Schott bottle/ 500 mL Erlenmeyer flask
107168 Pin-clamp 500 mL Schott bottle
107324 Pin-clamp 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask
107326 Pin-clamp 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask
108729 Pin-clamp 1000 mL Erlenmeyer flask
108730 Pin-clamp 1000 mL Duran / Kuhner TOM
108731 Pin-clamp 1600 mL Thomson Optimum Growth
108732 Pin-clamp 2800 mL Thomson Optimum Growth
108733 Pin-clamp 2000 mL Erlenmeyer flask
108734 Pin-clamp 3000 mL/ 5000 mL Fernbach flask / Corning & Thomson Optimum Growth
Pin-clamps for Erlenmeyer flasks and Schott laboratory bottles

Kuhner Insight Software

The ISF4-X incubator shakers can be fitted with a shelf allowing cultivation in petri dishes. One or two shelves can be placed above the shaking table and fixed to the chamber walls with four screws. More.

Kuhner Insight Software


Kuhner shakers are equipped with a CAN-bus. CAN-USB, CAN-Ethernet, EMI-60 and NET-60 are all well established interfaces. More.

Kuhner Insight Software


The ISF4-X incubator shakers can be fitted with a shelf allowing cultivation in petri dishes. One or two shelves can be placed above the shaking table and fixed to the chamber walls with four screws.

Order number



Shelf for ISF4-X

Water bath

To reduce evaporation from shake flasks or microtiter plates a Teflon coated water bath can be placed inside the incubator. This water bath is not fitted with an automatic water supply and must be topped up manually

Order number



Humidity bath, coated, for ISF1-Z and ISF4-X



Characterization of Algal Cell Culture in Photobioreactors

BEVS Insect Cells Protein Production

In our Science Room, we offer general information and data of cultivation processes in shaken bioreactors.

Good to know 

Is linear shaking available?


Is it possible to alter the height of the shaking units in an ISF4-X?

Yes, there are 37 possible positions.

How many shaking units will fit in an ISF4-X?

It depends on the height of the vessels you are shaking. Please contact Kuhner or your local distributor for further information.

Can the shaking diameter and speed of each shaking unit be set individually?


Is IQ-OQ documentation available for the shakers?


Can the machine be used in the GMP sector?


The following flyers provide information about the machines and function-specific solutions.

Kuhner shakers are suitable for the cultivation of microbial, plant, human and animal cell cultures. Find more information about the different application areas and suitable product recommendations for optimal cultivation here.

Stem cells
Cell culture
Plant cells & algae


Adolf Kühner AG (Headquarters)

Dinkelbergstrasse 1

CH-4127 Birsfelden (Basel)



We support our customers in implementation, maintenance and repair of all Kuhner products – efficiently and competently. 

GMP compliant production of shakers and bioreactors

For Kuhner, the quality and durability of their shakers and bioreactors have always been the topics with the highest priority. On this account, Kuhner products have also proven their worth worldwide under GMP requirements. Documentation, development and production along the full life cycle of our products are continuously enhanced to match the requirements of 21 CFR and GAMP 5.

Read more


The world's most reliable shaking machines built in-house in Switzerland.

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