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Kuhner Technology


For simple operation, monitoring and programming of incubator shakers

The touchscreen has been designed for simple operation, monitoring and recording. The integrated Kuhner Insight Software also enables the user to run sequential programs. Thanks to its resistive touchscreen technology, it can be operated while wearing gloves or with a touch pen. The PC panel includes CAN-USB and CAN-Ethernet interfaces.

The touchscreen is available for ISF1-Z, ISF1-X, ISF4-X and LT-X incubator shakers. It can also be retrofitted to existing incubator shakers.


Display of process parameter

Display of process parameter

Visualize every process parameter with clearly arranged displays. The user can see machine status and their cultures at one glance, without time-consuming scrolling or pressing of buttons.

The concept of separate displays for each process parameter further leads to a clear and user-friendly operation.

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