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Kuhner Science & App Videos

Kuhner Videos

Kuhner Science and App Videos offer support for general issues and inquiries concerning Kuhner products. Get useful tips and instructions with Kuhner App Videos for various applications of our shakers, shaken bioreactor systems, accessories, and applied technologies like the Feeding Technology or the new Kuhner TOM system.

Visit our Kuhner shaker Youtube channel.

Q&A about orbital shaken bioreactors and single use bags: Entegris & Kuhner shaker

Have you ever asked yourself, what are the advantages of the combination of single use technology with orbital shaken bioreactors? Or what are the challenges to produce a 2500L single-use bag? Experts from our partner company Entegris, who have great experience in bag manufacturing, and Kuhner Shaker will answer your questions. In this interview you will find informative and qualitative answers regarding single-use bags production, qualification and application in a 2500L OSB (orbital shake bioreactor).

ISF1-Z Basic Beluga - The perfect fit for automation

Why is the ISF1-Z Basic Beluga the perfect fit for automated processes? It has several new options: The door can be controlled remotely, the TPS+ tray positioning system is included and the shaking platform is lowered, allowing more headspace for robotic systems.

Shaking Technology: Hydrodynamics and mixing time studies in 50ml TPP tubes

Ever wondered which is the ideal filling volume in a 50ml TPP tube? Want to know more about their mixing times? Dr. Shaker made some experiments and found the answer.

LS-Z (with Kelvin+) - The modularity of our 3-in-1 shaker

The LS-Z comes with three functional options: benchtop only/stand-alone, combinable with incubators from other manufacturers, or combined with the new Kuhner Kelvin+ incubator for temperature control.

ISF1-ZC EcoDew with stainless steel option

The ISF1-Z is available in a 100% stainless steel finish. Take a look at the video to see the advantages of having stainless steel inside and outside the shaker.

ISF1-Z - Kuhner CleanShield for water bath-Z

Kuhner CleanShield is a disposable inlay for the newly designed water bath-Z. Development focused on simplifying the cleaning process, saving users’ time. The inlays are packaged sterile and available in a pack of six.

ISF1-X - 3mm shaking diameter

Check out our ISF1-X shaker running with 1000 rpm (3mm shaking diameter).

SB10-X – Our orbital shaken bioreactor for single-use bags

The SB10-X is an orbital shaken benchtop bioreactor system for the cultivation of human, mammalian and plant cells in a single-use bag. It has a working volume from 4 litres up to 12 litres. Also perfusion processes can be easily realized (ATF / TFF).

The SB10-X can be used in research, process development or as a pilot scale bioreactor.

Feeding Technology - Application of the Kuhner FeedPlate®

Learn how to perform a fed-batch in a microtiter plate.

Discover more about Feeding Technology on our website:

ISF1-X - Automatic Door

The ISF1-X incubator shaker with automatic door is designed for easy handling and maximum comfort. The automatic door is activated by pressing a button on the incubator shaker. A foot switch option is also available.

Automation Kuhner shaker meets liquid handler

Discover the integration of an ES-X Kuhner shaker in a liquid handler system, where the contactless stopping mechanism leads to a continuous liquid handler performance.

Shaking Technology: "Out of phase"

See how a shaken culture, under certain conditions, can get «out of phase» . Whilst under normal operating conditions, the liquid in shaken flasks rotates «in phase» with the movement of the shaker table.

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