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Kuhner Technology

Temperature control

Precise temperature control at a low energy requirement

One of the most important criteria for a top quality incubator shaker is precise temperature control with a low energy requirement. On top of that, to ensure reproducible cultivating results, even temperature distribution across the entire shaking tray is crucial.

Electronic, fully digital PID control incorporating a microprocessor, accurately maintains the desired temperature in Kuhner machines. The minimal energy consumption of the cooling system is regulated by an intelligent controller. True temperature distribution is achieved by using high grade foamed insulation. This complex method also ensures optimal air circulation inside the chamber.

Calibration of temperature sensor

Calibration is quite simple and is carried out using

  • an interface and a PC with the installed Kuhner Insight software
  • a temperature measuring device with sensor and certificate e.g. “TCAL 44” available from Kuhner

Technical data

Temperature, minimum

10°C above ambient

Temperature with refrigeration

15°C below ambient, min. +5°C

Temperature, maximum


Temperature accuracy

± 0.3°C (37°C), distributed across the entire tray / XC-machines: ± 0.25°C (37°C)

Temperature indication

± 0.1°C, digital

Temperature control

PID, digital

Temperature sensor

Pt-100, class "A" (DIN IEC 751)
Tolerance = 0,15°C + 0,002 x |t|
t : 37°C, Tolerance = ± 0.22 °C
t : 20°C, Tolerance = ± 0.19 °C

Technical data subject to change

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