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Adolf Kühner AG

Adolf Kühner AG

Kühner AG, founded in 1949 in Basel, Switzerland, is a science-first shaker manufacturer renowned worldwide for our uncompromising shakers, incubator shakers, and orbital shaken bioreactors. From bench top shakers to large scale industrial shaking machines, we offer machines of the highest quality. We also work to fully understand the science and cultivation needs of our customers to assure the solutions we provide accelerate their programs and elevate their results. Kuhner provides a personal and committed service. Special requests from customers are actioned without fuss. We commit to earning trusting client relationships which will span decades.

For Kuhner, the quality and durability of their shakers and bioreactors have always been topics with the highest priority. To maintain our high quality standards, Kuhner designs and builds many components in-house and gives a warranty for 5 years. Naturally all processes are SN EN ISO 9001 certified. Kuhner products have also proven their worth worldwide under GMP requirements. Documentation, development and production along the full life cycle of our products are continuously enhanced to match the requirements of 21 CFR and GAMP 5.

Kuhner holds close contact with research and development departments in renowned universities and companies. Many of the new developments for Kuhner shakers arise out of these collaborations with scientific partners. Kuhner customers also benefit from the resulting know-how. Alongside comprehensive customer support, Kuhner offers quality workshops either on site, or at our head office in Basel. 


These seminars address questions about cultivation conditions and offer suggestions for optimising the operation of your shaken bioreactors. Besides the head office in Switzerland, Kuhner has six subsidiaries in Europe and North America and is represented in all other markets by distributors.

Please contact us with any request, question or issue you have regarding our products and shaken cultivations in general.


Adolf Kühner AG 

Dinkelbergstrasse 1, 4127 Birsfelden


Tel: +41 (0) 61 319 93 93

Adolf Kühner AG

Dinkelbergstrasse 1, 4127 Birsfelden


Tel: +41 61 319 93 93

Fax: +41 61 319 93 94


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