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Kuhner Notes

Our Kuhner AppNotes, EquipNotes, and ScienceNotes offer support for general questions and explain the underlying scientific findings regarding the application of Kuhner products, such as shakers, incubator shakers, and orbitally shaken bioreactors. It is also available for Kuhner accessories and add-on applications such as the Kuhner TOM and the Feeding Technology products.

Dr. Shaker

Kuhner AppNote

AppNote is a quick access tool providing useful information, data, and process recommendations to our users cultivating shaking experiments. For instance, the AppNote offers information on hydrodynamic principles, the relationship between orbital shaking diameter and oxygen transfer rate (OTR) or the reduction of evaporation in shaken cultures.

Kuhner EquipNote

The EquipNote offers technical support for the application of Kuhner shakers, orbitally shaken bioreactor systems (OSB), and relevant accessories such as trays for microtiter plates, OSB disposable bags, and many more. In addition, EquipNote also provides useful information and process recommendations on Kuhner applied technologies such as Feeding Technology, Shake Flask Reader (SFR) and the new Kuhner TOM.

Kuhner ScienceNote

The ScienceNote illustrates results of scientific work and experiments using Kuhner products (shakers, orbitally shaken bioreactor systems, Feeding Technology, etc.) in a descriptive and concise manner. These findings are assembled together by close cooperation with our partners in both industry and in research organizations.   

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