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Kuhner Shaker S.A.

Kuhner Shaker S.A.

Our spanish office was created in 2012. In the past, we were working with distributors to some extent for selling Kuhner products in Spain. However, since September 2018 we are the only retailer of all Kuhner shaking machines and other products. We are in charge for the entire spanish market, having two office locations, one close to Barcelona and the other in Castellón.

In Spain, Kuhner also has a science resort located near Girona: The Mas Boada Science Resort. This Science Resort is located in the rural village of Sant Marti Vell north of Barcelona. Surrounded by woods and countryside it’s an ideal location for both work and relaxation. The property is known as Mas Boada and the original building dating from the early 18th century is now a newly renovated guest house with beautiful double rooms. A separate building houses the laboratory, an auditorium and additional guest rooms.

The science resort has been created to encourage knowledge transfer between users of shaken bioreactors from all over the world. Kuhner gives seminars that for instance address questions about cultivation conditions and offer suggestions for optimising the operation of your shaken bioreactors (shake flasks, microtiter plates, tubespins etc.). The new laboratory is ideal for practical training on the orbital shaken bioreactors (OSB) for disposable bags, as well as giving customers the opportunity to work with the entire range of Kuhner shaking machines.


Kuhner Shaker S.A.

Correspondencia y envíos , C/ Sant Sebastia 131, 08223 Terrassa (Barcelona)


Aina Adell 

Tel: +34 619 394 735



Tatjana Tufedzic    

Tel: +34  649 890 596   

E-Mail :

Kuhner Shaker S.A.

Correspondencia y envíos , C/ Sant Sebastia 131, 08223 Terrassa (Barcelona)


Tel: +34 619 394 735


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