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Science Room

Partner of Science

In our Science Room, we offer general information and data of cultivation processes in shaken bioreactors. Explore the different sections of the Science Room! We provide scientific data and results of experiments in shaken bioreactors for example as well-arranged and informative posters, as application data for download or in our FAQ section.

Individual solutions for companies

Application areas

Application areas 

In this section you will find more information about the different application areas and suitable product recommendations for optimal cultivation.

Shaking Technology Forum

Shaking Technology Forum 

The forum is a helpful resource for users of shaken bioreactors, providing support, information and a publication database.


Kuhner Seminars

Since 2002, Kuhner AG has successfully held courses about cultivation in shaken bioreactors (shake flasks, microtiter plates etc.).

Kuhner Notes

Kuhner Notes

Our Kuhner Notes offer support for general questions and explain the underlying scientific findings regarding the application of Kuhner products


Kuhner ScienceNotes

ScienceNote illustrates results of scientific work and experiments using Kuhner products in a descriptive and concise manner.


Kuhner Videos

Kuhner Science and App Videos offer support for general issues and inquiries concerning Kuhner products.

OTR calculator

OTR Calculator

Determine the maximum oxygen supply with the OTR Calculator!

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