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Kuhner Laboratories and Training Sites

We have several in-house laboratories for application and long-term durability testing of our products. In these labs, we work with computer-based models along with online measurement techniques to generate experimental data for our customers and our database. This allows us to be more prepared for any questions about our products or cultivation in shaken bioreactors in general.

In addition, Kuhner also provides a show and training lab in Sion, Switzerland, and a training center in Spain. These seminars are designed for our customers and distributors to provide comprehensive training on our machines in a friendly environment.

Kuhner labs at a glance

(Head office, Birsfelden, Switzerland): 


(Head office, Birsfelden, Switzerland):


(HES-SO Valais in Sion, Switzerland):

lab training 

(Girona, Spain)

Laboratory I 

(Head office, Birsfelden, Switzerland): application-oriented

In this lab, we perform all types of application testing with our products and generate useful experimental data. For instance, we investigate and determine evaporation rates, mixing times, or kLa-values for all kinds of shake flasks and shaken vessels. We test different types of clamps, customized or universal, and alternative holding mechanisms such as adhesive mats or strips. 

We aim to generate a solid database for our customer support center and to be able to give the best advice for shaken bioprocesses. Due to these experiments and tests, we are able to answer many questions such as:

  • which shaking diameter is reasonable for a certain shaking vessel?
  • what are the best shaking frequency and shaking diameter for a process?
  • which shaking conditions will obtain a specific kLa value?

Laboratory II 

(Head office, Birsfelden, Switzerland): development-oriented

In this laboratory, we conduct long term and development tests with our products and accessories. Parts and constructional elements from our suppliers are also tested thoroughly. We perform characterizations of our machines to determine the heating and cooling times, humidity control behavior, CO2 control behavior, power uptake, etc.

Our goal is to verify the new parts and developments on a long-term basis to generate valid data to support our customers. We have a large portfolio of information and data about our machines and accessories, to answer questions such as “what is the heat generation of this shaking machine under certain conditions?”

Demonstration / Show Lab 

(HES-SO Valais in Sion, Switzerland): lab training 

Along with our two test and development labs, Kuhner also offers a demonstration exercise for lab training of our customers. Kuhner’s new demonstration laboratory in Switzerland was set up in co-operation with the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland/Valais (HES-SO Valais-Wallis, The lab is situated in the Life Technologies Building of the School of Engineering.

This laboratory features three SB10-X, one SB200-X including a 50L adapter and three LT-X machines. The fully equipped laboratory provides an ideal training environment for cell culture and scale-up cultivations. Thus, the demonstration lab can be used for technical trainings with the lab equipment and bioreactors and also for cell cultivations under real conditions. 

Laboratory Kuhner Sion

All members of the Kuhner orbitally-shaken, single-use bioreactor family are designed to be more user-friendly than most conventional bioreactors. However, setting up a culture with a new bioreactor system can be challenging and the user may come across unexpected questions. To help our customers, Kuhner now offers a special training program for our bioreactors to ease the first process run and ensure a smooth transition. This training can be conducted either at the customer’s site or at our demonstration and show lab in Sion, Switzerland.

During these trainings, our customers will get the direct, hands-on experience working with our bioreactors. Every step of the cell culture process can be accordingly such as:

  • Actual machine installation
  • setting up the automatic control programs
  • how to correctly install the single-use bags for each bioreactor
  • sterile handling of the bioreactor, etc.

Complete cultivation processes with modified cell lines can be conducted by our customers. The trainings are organized by joint team members of Kuhner and HES-SO Valais. 

Exemplary schedule for a training course:

Day one: presentation of SB10-X and initial technical training along with training of the Kuhner Insight software.

Day two: counting and viability check of the seed train and preparation of all necessary peripheral devices.

Day three: inoculation day! A sterile run is first conducted to check for contamination. If no sign of contamination is detected, the seed train is then transferred into the SB10-X single-use bag.

Days four and five: Check of culture performance where samples will be taken regularly and analyzed for growth and viability.

There will also be time for relaxation and discussion sessions during joint dinners and excursions to the beautiful countryside around Sion. We look forward to your ideas and feedback while getting to know each other on a personal level.

Mas Boada Science Resort

(Girona, Spain)

At our training center in Spain, we will perform presentations of new machines, conduct service trainings for our service engineers, hold distributor trainings and company meetings. Kuhner provides seminars that address questions about cultivation conditions and offer suggestions for optimizing the cultivation of your shaken bioreactors. The laboratory is ideal for practical training on the orbitally shaken bioreactors and the use of disposable bags, as well as allowing customers the opportunity to work with the entire range of Kuhner shakers.

Mas Boada Science Resort

The training center is located in the rural village of Sant Marti Vell, north of Barcelona. Surrounded by woods and beautiful countryside, it is an ideal location for both work and relaxation. The property is known as Mas Boada and the original building, dating from the early 18th century, is now a newly renovated guest house with tons of character.

A separate building houses the laboratory, an auditorium, and additional guest rooms. The science resort has been created to encourage knowledge transfer between users of shaken bioreactors from all over the world.

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