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Humidification and a controlled gas composition for carrying out cell cultivations

Do you have a shaking incubator with a small capacity that is restricted to temperature control? Would you like to implement humidification and a controlled gas composition for carrying out cell cultivations?

The combination of FlowCon and AerationSystem from Kuhner enables the user to run shake flasks cultivations in non-humidified and non-CO2-controlled incubator shakers. The FlowCon provides a precise gas composition and flow rate.  Simultaneously, the AerationSystem (consisting of GasDivider and AerationCaps) humidifies and distributes the gas flow evenly to the connected shake flasks, preventing high evaporation losses and stabilizes the pH of the media. By controlling the chemical composition of the inlet air with the FlowCon, it is not only possible to supplement CO2 but also to reduce the concentration of oxygen (O2) or even implement hypoxic conditions using nitrogen (N2)*. This control of gas compositions allows for a variety of different applications, including stem cell processes that require physiological oxygen concentration at 5% O2 or anaerobic cultivations in a nitrogen atmosphere.

Humidity control


CO2 control







The Kuhner FlowCon is a stand-alone gas mixing device, which has been developed for the R&D environment and the initial production steps in bioreactors with disposable bags. It provides the perfect headspace composition for your cultures by mixing up to four gases (including both pure and mixed gases). Whether stabilizing the pH in cell cultivations with CO2, or reducing oxygen concentration for microaerophilic organisms, the FlowCon gas mixer meets all of the user’s needs. The FlowCon can be used as a stand-alone device and is also fully compatible with other Kuhner equipment (including shaking incubators, disposable bioreactors, etc.).




The Kuhner FlowCon provides a single mixed and dry gas flow, which usually requires humidification and even distribution across several shake flasks. This task is performed by the Kuhner GasDivider which humidifies the gas flow and provides a precise gas distribution independent of the flask type attached, the tube length or any filters in-between. As the GasDivider is placed on the shaking tray inside the incubator, the gas flow is also perfectly adapted to the incubator temperature.


The Kuhner AerationCaps are mounted on top of standard single use shake flasks (e.g. Corning) using a simple clip-on system. Each AerationCap has two identical sockets/nozzles, one is used for the gas inflow, the other for the gas outlet. The AerationCaps are easily connected with the GasDivider via gas tight tubes and will create a micro-climate above the venting filter of the flask.



Mammalian Cell Cultivation using AerationCaps for Shake Flask Gas Supply

In our Science Room, we offer general information and data of cultivation processes in shaken bioreactors.


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We support our customers in implementation, maintenance and repair of all Kuhner products – efficiently and competently. 

GMP compliant production of shakers and bioreactors

For Kuhner, the quality and durability of their shakers and bioreactors have always been the topics with the highest priority. On this account, Kuhner products have also proven their worth worldwide under GMP requirements. Documentation, development and production along the full life cycle of our products are continuously enhanced to match the requirements of 21 CFR and GAMP 5.

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