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Kuhner TOM Online Measurement

Kuhner TOM Online Measurement
Technical Data

Online measurement of OTR, CTR and RQ for shake flask cultivations

The Kuhner TOM (Transfer-Rate Online Measurement) provides online measurements of the oxygen transfer rate (OTR), carbon dioxide transfer rate (CTR), and respiratory quotient (RQ) for up to 16 individual shake flasks in a Kuhner incubator. The TOM provides the user with a better understanding of any bioprocess and allows for more efficient and effective optimization during process development. It is easily installed in any Kuhner shaker and is compatible with a variety of different shake flask types and sizes, including single use shake flasks.

Facts about Kuhner TOM

  • Measures online OTR, CTR and RQ for up to 16 shake flasks
  • Modular design: choose between 4, 8, 12 or 16 shake flasks
  • Zero footprint on the shaker tray, TOM is mounted above the shake flasks
  • Robust: durable sensors and static electronics
  • Available for Kuhner ISF1-X and ISF1-ZP, LT-X and Kuhner Kelvin+ incubators
  • Various glass and single use flasks can be connected
  • Option: Individual aeration for each shake flask with humidity and CO2 controlled air from the incubator
Online Measurement

Online Measurement








The modularity of the Kuhner TOM allows the user to choose online measurements from 4, 8, 12, or 16 shake flasks. The TOM itself is mounted above the shake flasks and requires no space on the shaking platform, maximizing the capacity for shake flasks in the incubator.

Kuhner TOM

Online measurement


The Kuhner TOM captures the progress of multiple cultivations over time, providing an opportunity for the user to selectively schedule off-line sampling and analysis at critical time points. The TOM offers valuable insight on the viability and growth rate of shaken cultivations and will also help identify sub-optimal conditions, including oxygen limitation, substrate limitation, or product inhibition. The TOM also provides an opportunity for the systematic and rapid optimization of culture media and conditions (e.g. balancing different carbon sources or media additives, substrate uptake and product formation via RQ). The OTR, CTR, and RQ data captured from the TOM will accelerate any process development and facilitates scale-up.   

Kuhner TOM

Temperature range


Shaking speed

< 600 rpm

Orbital shaking diameter

3 mm – 70 mm

Flask size

250 mL – 1000 mL (smaller and larger flasks on request)
250 mL – 500 mL (cell culture flasks)

Filling volume

> 4% of nominal flask volume


< 85% rel. humidity

Concentration range   

CO2 < 16%


CO2 sensor calibration once per month

Pump adjustment after 1 year

Warranty time

2 years

Technical data subject to change


Overview accessories

FlexCap - one connection cap for all flask types

The Kuhner FlexCap is a universal silicone adapter lid that enables the utilization of various sizes and forms of shake flasks in the Kuhner TOM system to measure the oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer rates. Its specific construction seals both the smaller and more narrow flasks (min. 25 mm inner diameter) and the larger and wider flasks (max. 55 mm outer diameter), respectively, using the same universal lid. With the FlexCap, also cultivations in custom-made flasks and baffled shake flasks are now accessible for online measurements with the Kuhner TOM system.


In addition, the FlexCap can also be used for aeration of shake flasks with the FlowCon and GasDivider enabling users to run cell cultivations in a non-humidified and non-O2/CO2-controlled environment. The FlowCon provides a precise gas composition and flow rate, while the GasDivider humidifies and distributes the gas flow evenly to the inlet ports of the FlexCaps.

Besides the ports for air inlet and outlet, the FlexCap comes with an extra port for external feeding and sampling. Best of all, the FlexCap is reusable by autoclaving at temperatures up to 121°C without losing its mechanical performance.




Cultivation of entomopathogenic fungi in orbitally shaken bioreactors

Kuhner TOM for off-gas analysis in shake flasks

TOM system for analyzing the respiratory activity of a CHO cell pool expressing SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein

In our Science Room, we offer general information and data of cultivation processes in shaken bioreactors.

The following flyers provide information about the machines and function-specific solutions.

Kuhner shakers are suitable for the cultivation of microbial, plant, human and animal cell cultures. Find more information about the different application areas and suitable product recommendations for optimal cultivation here.

Stem cells
Cell culture
Plant cells & algae


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We support our customers in implementation, maintenance and repair of all Kuhner products – efficiently and competently. 

GMP compliant production of shakers and bioreactors

For Kuhner, the quality and durability of their shakers and bioreactors have always been the topics with the highest priority. On this account, Kuhner products have also proven their worth worldwide under GMP requirements. Documentation, development and production along the full life cycle of our products are continuously enhanced to match the requirements of 21 CFR and GAMP 5.

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