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14 Apr, 2021
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

OTR measurement with Kuhner TOM paves the way…

Media optimization for microbial induced calcite precipitation with OTR measurement in the Kuhner TOM.

OTR measurement with Kuhner TOM paves the way…

Frédéric Lapierre and Robert Huber from Munich University of Applied Science recently published their article on the nutritional requirements of Sporosarcina pasteurii for microbial-induced calcite precipitation (MICP). The bacterium enables calcite precipitation by ureolysis which can reinforce soil (e.g. pavement of sandy roads) or concrete. Large amounts of biomass are needed at a low price to make these processes feasible. Consequently, the researchers looked for supplementing complex media to boost biomass yield.

Primary screening of nutrients in microplates was followed by comparing modified and non-modified media in shake flask cultures. On modified medium, monitoring of OTR with the Kuhner TOM revealed a much longer growth phase, but also oxygen and secondary substrate limitations, a possibility for further enhancement. In total, the biomass yield was improved by approximately 400%.

See the publication at (Lapierre FM et al. Revealing nutritional requirements of MICP-relevant Sporosarcina pasteurii DSM33 for growth improvement in chemically defined and complex media. Sci Rep . 2020;10(1):1–15.


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