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02 Mär, 2022
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

ISF1-Z Basic Beluga – entwickelt für automatisierte Laborprozesse

Our new ISF1-Z Basic Beluga incubator shaker is perfect for automated processes! Specifically designed for automation and robotic systems, it can be integrated into many areas of automated processes, such as screening for an optimal cell line, media development or analytical applications.

ISF1-Z Basic Beluga – entwickelt für automatisierte Laborprozesse

The large-dimensioned interior chamber of the ISF1-Z Basic Beluga allows the arm of a lab robot or liquid handling system to reach into the chamber and grab any vessel from the tray. The automatic door and the newly developed Kuhner Tray Positioning System (Kuhner TPS+) are two new options ideal for robotic applications.
Watch the following video and learn why the ISF1-Z Basic Beluga is the perfect fit for automated processes:


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