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08 Sep, 2022
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

3L-vessel module for our Orbitally Shaken Bioreactor SB10-X now available

The new 3L vessel module for the SB10-X orbital shaken bioreactor now allows bioprocesses to be carried out in smaller working volumes of 1.5 L to 4.5 L.

3L-vessel module for our Orbitally Shaken Bioreactor SB10-X now available

With the newly developed 3L-vessel for the Orbitally Shaken Bioreactor(OSB) SB10-X, users can now perform cell cultivations in smaller working volumes ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 L. The 3L-vessel simply replaces the standard 10L-vessel on the SB10-X shaking table. The smaller module is offered as an option in addition to the standard SB10-X, or users can purchase the shaking bioreactor with just the 3L-vessel.

A retrofit kit is also available for current users of the SB10-X bioreactor who could benefit from the smaller module. The kit includes additional components for the tray module, a 3L-vessel module, and the software and firmware updates. The shaking diameter should be adjusted to 25 mm, and we have the 3L single-use cultivation bags ready for purchase.

We are happy to provide data on kLa, mixing time, volumetric power input, heating time, and evaporation rate to help our customers scale up their bioprocesses.

For more information about the 3L-vessel module please click on this link.


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