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28 Jul, 2021
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

Video LS-Z (with Kelvin+) - The modularity of our 3-in-1 shaker

The Lab-Shaker LS-Z and the incubator Kuhner Kelvin+ combine approved Kuhner quality in a new modular system to provide maximum flexibility to our customers.

The LS-Z comes with three functional options: benchtop only/stand-alone, combinable with incubators from other manufacturers, or combined with our new Kuhner Kelvin+ for temperature control. The LS-Z shaker will accept loads up to 25 kg and the shaking diameter can be adjusted at any time. There are three standard shaking diameters (12.5, 25 and 50 mm) with others available on request. The LS-Z shaker unit tolerates an ambient relative humidity of up to 90% and features a detachable control unit and power cube. Therefore, the LS-Z is extremely flexible regarding its installation site: it can be placed in any lab incubator or temperature controlled room.


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