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17 Mär, 2022
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

Kuhner’s Orbital Shaken Bioreactor SB2500-Z will be used for COVID19 vaccine production

We are thrilled to announce that Mabion S.A., a Polish biotechnology company, ordered four Kuhner Orbital Shaken Bioreactors (OSB) SB2500-Z! Each system has a working volume of up to 2500 L to produce vaccines and other drugs. These new OSB will initially be used by Mabion S.A. for contract manufacturing of the first protein-based COVID 19 vaccine developed by the American biotechnology company Novavax, Inc.

Kuhner’s Orbital Shaken Bioreactor SB2500-Z will be used for COVID19 vaccine production

The SB2500-Z orbital shaken bioreactor system utilizes single-use bags suited for the cultivation of mammalian, human, insect, or plant cells. The bioreactor system is the largest member of Kuhner’s OSB family and has a working volume from 500 L up to 2500 L. The cylindrical vessels of the bioreactors accept single-use gamma-sterilized 3D bags, eliminating the need for invasive stirrers. In addition, various ports are incorporated for inoculation, aeration, feeding, sampling, and harvesting.

Kuhner’s Orbital Shaken Bioreactors provide an efficient and flexible alternative for cell cultivation processes due to the wide range of working volumes. They have been demonstrated successfully in research, process development, and production. The bioreactors are applicable for scale-up processes or serve as independent pilot production reactors.

Want to know more about orbital shaken bioreactors and how they can be applied in scale-up processes?

Take a look at this information page: Scale-Up.


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