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09 Dez, 2021
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

New incubator shaker model with an exceptionally wide temperature range will be released in February 2022

The ISF1-Z Compressor is the solution for greater flexibility in terms of low and high temperatures.

ISF1-Z Compressor

We are expanding the ISF1-Z series with the new Compressor model to provide greater temperature flexibility. The temperature range extends as low as 3°C refrigeration up to 80°C. The ISF1-Z Compressor quickly cools the chamber with special technical add-ons to ensure uniform temperature distribution. The ISF1-Z Compressor was conscientiously designed with the environment in mind. It contains two cooling units operated with eco-friendly natural gas. The ISF1-Z Compressor is suitable for applications in laboratories, research centers, and production facilities. It is applicable for microbial, plant, human, and animal cell cultures. For cell culture processes, CO2 and active humidity control are configurable options. The system complies with GMP (good manufacturing practice) requirements and regulations. As always, the ISF1-Z Compressor comes with Kuhner’s standard 5-year warranty which guarantees quality and durability.

For more information about the ISF1-Z Compressor please click on this link.


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