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09 Dez, 2021
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

Perfectly suited for microtiter plates – the ISF1-Z Peltier incubator shaker is now available with shaking frequencies up to 1000 rpm

The ISF1-ZPeltier system can now shake at 3 mm shaking diameter at high speeds up to 1000 rpm. This combination is specifically recommended for cultivations in 96-deep-well microtiter plates with high filling volumes. The shaking table is uniquely designed for up to 20 microtiter plates, and it is also suitable for the Duetz system (easy-to-use technology platform for cultivation in 24- or 96-well microtiter plates). The shaking diameter is user-adjustable to any other standard configurations of 6, 9, 12.5, 19, 25, 50, or 70 mm. The system runs smoothly and quietly, even at maximum shaking frequencies. It is triple-stackable to maximize laboratory space using the same footprint. There are special technical add-ons to ensure a very uniform temperature distribution in the incubator chamber. As always, the ISF1-Z Peltier comes with Kuhner’s standard 5-year warranty which guarantees quality and durability.

For more information about the ISF1-Z Peltier please click on this link.


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