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Lyocube: Top piece for Martin Christ freeze dryers

The Lyocube is a top piece for Martin Christ freeze dryers. The Lyocube offers a large useable shelf area and particularly comfortable operation. It is available in two versions: made of acrylic glass (PMMA) or stainless steel. 


For further information:

Performance characteristics 

  • Large useable shelf area 0,6 m2 
  • Particularly comfortable operation thanks to rectangular shelves and front swing door 
  • Version acrylic glass: especially suitable for the use of unheated shelves or racks for up to 90 microwell plates

  • Version stainless steel: for the use of heated shelves; flask drying in up to 2 x 3 glass flasks is available as an option

  • Available for the latest LSCplus laboratory freeze dryer product line or as a retrofit of existing freeze dryers with LSCbasic controller

  • Comfortable and intuitive operation of freeze dryers via touchscreen

Available for the following systems

  • ALPHA 1/2/3-4 LSCbasic
  • BETA 1/2-8 LSCbasic
  • ALPHA 1/2-4 LSCplus
  • BETA 1/2-8 LSCplus
  • GAMMA 1/2-16 LSCplus
  • DELTA 1/2-24 LSCplus

Contact Sales Switzerland

Mr. Jörg Kellerhals

Sales Manager

Contact Western Switzerland

Mrs. Véronique Miano

Sales representative Western Switzerland


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