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Centrifuges & Applications


SIGMA laboratory-centrifuges

A leading manufacturer of laboratory centrifuges.

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Biotechnology combines many disciplines, including microbiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics, bio-informatics and bio process engineering. In this area, laboratory centrifuges are indispensable tools for the separation, purification and concentration of enzymes, cells, stem cells, DNA and other molecules and for the development of production methods for new chemical compounds, new pharmaceutical substances, diagnostic methods or biosensors, and new plant varieties. Sigma laboratory centrifuges deliver outstanding separation results and offer a wide variety of functions designed for use in biotechnology applications.

Life sciences / medical

A very broad spectrum of methods and scientific instruments are used in the life sciences, which encompass the disciplines of biology, medicine, biomedicine, biochemistry, molecular biology, biophysics and bio-informatics. Sigma laboratory centrifuges have an outstanding reputation in this area for their combination of performance, reliability in routine use and versatility in research. Along with high relative centrifugal force, their guaranteed 4°C capability with all correspondingly marked rotors at all speeds is a major consideration for working with sensitive specimens. A variety of BioSafe rotors are available for working with hazardous substances.


The purpose of medications for human and veterinary medicine, blood preparations, serums, cell therapeutics, vaccines, in-vitro diagnostics (IVD), allergen preparations, bio-processed fabrics and other innovative therapies is to improve the quality of life. Sigma laboratory centrifuges are used everywhere from advanced research to cleanroom production. Various centrifuge features and functions facilitate their use in the pharmaceutical industry and research, such as high load capacity, GMP configuration, inert gas purging for working with solvents, and many more.


Analytics preparation, analytics and diagnostics for medical therapy impose high demands on the performance and reliability of laboratory equipment. In clinical laboratory diagnostics, analyses of blood, urine and tissue, cell diagnostics and cytology are carried out under time pressure with stringent requirements for due care. Sigma laboratory centrifuges are designed for high throughput in laboratory diagnostics applications. Accessories for virtually every relevant type of test tube are available or can be produced as special products on customer request.

Blood banks

Reliable separation of large quantities of blood into fractions requires reliable centrifuges with smooth operation which allow acceleration and deceleration curves to be programmed individually and as desired. Quality management requirements in this sector are very strict and necessitate the connection of the centrifuge to a data management system and the processing of barcode data. The modern controllers of Sigma centrifuges utilise internal quality management functions, standard processes secured by codes and data interfaces to achieve maximum process security.


Heated centrifuges are widely used for determination of the water content of petroleum and petroleum derivatives. Sigma offers a full spectrum of technologically mature centrifuges and accessories for quality testing in accordance with ASTM standards, including ASTM D1796, ASTM D2709, ASTM D4007 and ASTM D91/D96.


Laboratory centrifuges are standard equipment in chemical labs for working with mixtures, emulsions, suspensions, sedimentations and so on. Accessories are particularly important in this area, as well as glass containers for centrifuging acids and alkalis, high-strength containers for very high relative centrifugal forces, and special large-volume flasks for use in batch production. Our Cleanroom rotor family features especially high chemical resistance and suitability for cleanroom applications. Supplementary functions, such centrifuge purging with inert gas, are specifically designed for centrifuge operations with organic solvents.

Water & environment

In activities related to testing and ensuring the quality of water and soil, laboratory centrifuges are used for mechanical separation, which allows heavy or light substances to be separated from water due to density differences. High relative centrifugal forces enable the analysis of wastewater suspensions with very fine suspended particles, which are difficult to filter, or searching for macromolecules. Other applications include oil separation or sludge dewatering for subsequent residue analysis. The ideal centrifuge combines high relative centrifugal force with large load capacity.


Laboratory centrifuges play a major role in food analytics for testing and ensuring the quality of foods. Typical applications involve suspended matter or microorganisms in juice, beer, wine or milk, or processes for determining harmful substances or nutrients in meat, fruit, vegetables, spices or preparations. Various centrifuge capacities and a wide range of containers, from 1.5 ml to 1.5 litre, are necessary depending on the application.


Nanoparticles can have very unusual physical and chemical properties due to their extremely small size. Practical applications for these properties range from the mundane, such as surfaces that shed water and dirt (‘Lotus effect’), to the exotic, such as special functions in medical, optical or microprocessor technology. Centrifuges are used for both the analysis and the production of small quantities of nanoparticles. The Sigma 3-30KS laboratory centrifuge occupies a unique position in this regard – its relative centrifugal force of more than 65,000 x g makes it a highly versatile tool for many applications below the ultracentrifuge level.

Cell cultivation with Kuhner shaker and Kuhner labEquip

Kuhner covers the complete life cycle of your laboratory cell cultivation! With our portfolio of shaking machines and our range of labEquip products we are able to provide every main device required for cell cultivations: from ultra-low-temperature freezers to incubator shakers, and then to orbital shaken bioreactors for scale-up and production of your target molecule. For downstream processing, we offer suitable centrifuges and freeze-dryers. And, finally, we provide autoclaves for sterilization and decontamination.

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