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2D-Bag (Flex)


2D-Bag (Flex)

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2D-Bag-tray (Flex)

This tray was developed for shaking (orbital or linear) different types of 2D-bag. The tray consists of an aluminium base with a flexible mounting system on top.The mounting system can be manually adjusted to facilitate the controlled fixing of different sized cultivation bags. The mounting bars on both longitudinal sides can be moved up and down to hold the cultivation bag in place, while rubber bands will secure the smaller blood and cryo bags. The F-2D-Bag-tray is compatible with ISF1-X, ISF4-X, Rack System (SBM/SS-X), LS-X and ES-X shakers. The tray accepts various brands and sizes of pillow shaped single-use bags:

  • 1 x 20L (10L working volume) cultivation bags
  • 2 x 10L (5L working volume) cultivation bags
  • 10 x 500ml or 12 x 250ml cryo bags

Visit our poster gallery and find more information on the poster "Characterisation of a RSB 20 L.pdf"

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F-Tray for 2D-bag with working volume 1/5/10L


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