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08 Mär, 2022
Kuhner Switzerland (Headquarters)

Kuhner and Entegris partner on 2,500 L single-use bioreactor

Kuhner Shaker and Entegris have teamed up to deliver a 2,500L (w/v) bioreactor containing a disposable bag for the life science market. The Orbitally-Shaken Bioreactor (OSB) from Kuhner has proven an ideal large-scale approach for therapeutics manufacturing. Entegris’s innovative capabilities, and commitment to supply-chain assuredness, compliment perfectly the OSB platform to supply a bioreactor solution of unparalleled quality and performance.

Kuhner and Entegris partner on 2,500 L single-use bioreactor

The orbital mixing, and complete bioprocess control, of the OSB allows scale-up from bench scale to manufacturing scales, all under GMP. Orbitally-shaken cultures have many advantages, but do create new challenges for disposable vessels when at 2,500L. The innovation team at Entegris produced a completely new single use bag format with built-in redundancy and excellence in design. Because the disposable is manufactured by the experts at Entegris, product safety, quality and availability are assured. 

Tibor Anderlei, CSO at KühnerAG states, “We are thrilled to have co-developed this key solution for our customers in partnership with Entegris. This 2,500L working volume bioreactor completes our GMP manufacturing portfolio for Kuhner Shaker.. This achievement was only possible due to the commitment and response of our friends at Entegris and we look forward to a great partnership providing solutions to our mutual customers in the years which follow.”

Todd Kapp, Global Commercial Development Director at Entegris said “Entegris recognizes how important it is to not only work on developing products, but also aide in guiding the industry in what should be tested and what kind of requirements should be implemented as guidelines.”

Contact Kuhner for more information or to arrange a viewing of the platform at one of our upcoming exhibitions.


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