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RVC 2-25 CD plus

RVC 2-25 CD plus

Rotational-vacuum-concentrator RVC 2-25 CD plus

Another business activity since over 15 years is the production of rotational-vacuum-concentrators ("RVC"). Here, the close relationship between the Martin Christ company and Sigma Centrifuges offers obvious advantages in construction and production demands.

The Christ RVC-series is well structured in size and combination with different cooling traps and vacuum pumps. This gives the customer a maximum benefit for every application.


For further information:

Further information

Performance characteristics

  • the mid-size concentrator: all-purpose table-top cencentrator for the routine concentration of larger sample volumes
  • rotor capacity 108 x 1,5/2,2 ml tubes up to 2 x microtiter-plates
  • standard acrylic glass cover, optional stainless steel/glass compound cover with window (corrosion proof, e. g. for DCM/ACN)
  • chemical resistant diaphragm pumps (2 m3/h suction capacity, 9 mbar final vacuum), standard, vacuum systems with lower vacuum and vacuum controls, optional
  • optional combination with cooling traps (2 or 4 litres) for increased evaporation


Examples for multiple applications:

  • Efficient concentration of DNA/RNA-samples, proteins etc.
  • BioTech and Genetic Engineering
  • Sample preparation in HPLC, GC, MS, Electrophoresis ...
  • Isolation and synthesis of natural compounds
  • Storage and handling of drugs (chemical libraries)
  • Combinatorial Chemistry
  • High-Throughput-Screening (HTS)

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