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Software LPCplus

Software LPCplus
Información general

Process Visualisation Software LPCplus

LPCplus is a process visualisation software developed by MARTIN CHRIST, which covers all requirements with regard to process data recording, process visualisation and equipment operation for freeze dryers in compliance with international guidelines and regulations (GxP, GAMPx, 21 CFR Part11). The LPC-32 can be upgraded to LPCplus.

Performance characteristics

  • Detailed mimic screen of the freeze drying unit with animated visual objects and configurable actual / set values displays
  • Process events (Audit-Trail)
  • Process graphics : configurable temperature & vacuum scales, zoom facility
  • Administration / modification of user programs / recipes
  • User Administration : unrestricted number of users / 6 user levels / unrestricted definition of user-identification- and password-spelling / user-configurable assigment of all LPC-32 operating functions to one of the available user levels / configurable time interval for user password validity / enable-disable LPC-32- users / user-disable for non-valid logon-attempts (configurable counter)
  • Process documentation ("Historical" Processdata) and Processdata Backup
  • Administration of batch related data
  • Administration / modification of set values for "manual" mode
  • Administration / modification of set values and parameter-configuration of "accompanying" processes :
    Sterilisation In Place (SIP)
    Clean in Place (CIP)
    Filter Integrity Test (FIT)
  • Engineering mode
  • Indication of operating hours and maintenance information
  • Communication
    Remote maintenance
    Transmission of alarm messages via SMS
    Integration into Local Area Networks
  • LPC-32 is designed for keyboard/mouse and/or Touch Screen operation in relation to the appearance / size and placement of the control elements.
  • Online Help system


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