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Recirculating Chillers

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The FRYKA-Kältetechnik family company was founded in 1967 in Esslingen, Germany and has become one of the most sought-after experts on the subject of cooling and freezing of gases, liquids and solids in Germany.

The product portfolio includes a variety of different solutions for cooling and freezing: chest freezers, cold boxes, upright freezers, cooling plates, immersion coolers, recirculating chillers, cooling baths, mini cooling devices (personal freezer), and adhesive coolers.


For further information:

FRYKA cooling solutions are used in various research and industry segments for cooling and freezing: laboratory and analytical technology, industry, biology, medical technology, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and food chemistry, material testing, environmental protection and environmental technology.

The innovative products of FRYKA are characterized by their low operating noise, small space requirement, easy handling and highest quality in design and construction.

Recirculating Chiller ULK 602
Recirculating Chiller ULK 1002
Recirculating Chiller ULK 602

For the Swiss market, Kuhner Shaker is the distributor of FRYKA freezers, refrigerators, and recirculating chillers:

Chest freezers and mini-freezers (TT series and KBT)

FRYKA chest freezers and mini-freezers with 8 to 90 liters content and a temperature range from -10°C to -85°C were developed specifically for laboratory requirements. Due to their compact design, their technical characteristics and reliability, they can be easily used in both research and in industry.

Cold boxes and mini-freezers (B series)

Reliable, compact and quiet: these cold boxes are designed as desktop appliances and can be set up directly in the user's working area. These compact cold boxes thus enable decentralized storage of the chilled items. Transport to the external cold box appliance as well as cooling of the chilled items during transport is no longer required. Even if only small amounts of samples require freezing, the cold boxes offer a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative.

Upright freezers and laboratory refrigerators (TS and TUS series)

Reliable storage of samples directly in your working area: thanks to their compact design and extremely quiet cooling unit, the user-friendly upright freezers are ideally suited to installation directly in the working area, both in industrial and in laboratory environments. The proven, two-stage cascade refrigeration system ensures reliable storage of your samples even with high loads.

Recirculating chillers (ULK series)

The new recirculation chillers, available with cooling capacities of up to 2300 W and temperature ranges of -10°C to +40°C, provide cooling for your processes and applications - with more power, higher temperature stability, greater energy efficiency and so quiet and compact that the device can be set up without any problems in the workplace. Packed in new, attractive design, you benefit from a versatile recirculating chiller that can be customized through numerous options to suit your individual needs.

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