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In the design developed by CHRIST, the ice condenser is placed directly below the drying chamber. Through the large opening ideal cross section are created for the dissipation of the water vapour.

A high pressure difference between drying and ice condenser chamber can only be avoided if sufficient cross-sections are available during drying to cope with enormous vapour quantities. With this in place the efficiency and economic operation of the unit is greatly increased. Temperature-sensitive materials can be dried safely with this optimized design.


For further information:

Performance characteristics

  • Ice condenser control and access through the chamber door
  • Simple cleaning of drying and ice ice condenser chamber
  • Minimization of sealings to facilitate service and maintenance works
  • Large cross-section between drying chamber and the ice condenser chamber, water vapour dissipation to the ice condenser is optimized
  • Short distances for the water vapour, therefore high efficiency and economic operation of the unit
  • Reduced pressure difference between ice condenser and drying chamber, therefore sensitive as well as low eutectic substances can be dried
  • Full automatic sterilzation process (SIP) with 121°C or 134°C including cooling and vacuum test, filter integrity test
  • Einfache Validierbarkeit zur Erfüllung aller nationalen und internationalen Vorschriften
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) available as on option
  • Flexible measurement and control system
  • A comprehensive range of double-chamber-systems is available, starting with 12 kg ice condenser capacity up to more than 500 kg and shelf areas from 0.63 m2 to > 40 m2.

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