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ALPHA 3-4 LSCbasic

Información general
Alpha 3-4LSCbasic

Special system for organic solvents

Total ice capacity 4 kg,

Ice condenser temperature -105°C.

It is common practice to use freeze drying not only for aqueous samples but also for HPLC fractions containing solvents such as acetonitrile, TFA and other alcohols or for products containing t-butanol, DSMO and so on.

The new freeze dryer Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic is a special system for freeze drying of organic samples containing solvents. It allows for safe freeze drying of the commonly flammable solvents and an improved separation due to the very low ice condenser temperature. Alpha 3-4 LSCbasic is especially resistant to solvents and meets increased safety requirements for commonly flammable solvents.


For further information:

Further information

Performance characteristics

  • Optimized internal ice condenser, made entirely of stainless steel

  • Capacitive vacuum measurement probe and solvent-resistant vacuum-chemical hybrid pump with filter
  • Graphic LC display with a clear layout showing the most important process data (ice condenser temperature, process time, section time and vacuum) 

  • Comfortable and self-explaining menu guidance in many different languages (e.g. German, English or French)
  • Automatic or manual sequencing of freeze drying processes and interactive graphic display of the system schematic 

  • Extensive message texts (cause, countermeasures, effect) and system tests (leakage and performance test)
  • Process data capture and option for data exchange via USB or Ethernet

  • ECO: natural refrigerant, K6 compliant


The specialized system is available in two different packet configurations. The solvent packet flask consists of a manifold with 12 chemical-resistant valves for flasks. The universal solvent packet contains 3 unheated shelves Ø 265 mm as well as 12 chemical-resistant valves for flasks.

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