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Since 2002, Kuhner AG has successfully held courses about cultivation in shaken bioreactors (shake flasks, microtiter plates etc.). We can also provide further education and training for your staff if requested.


Frequently asked questions addressed in our seminars include: 

>  What are the fermentation conditions in a shake flask/MTP?

>  How do I cultivate in a shake flask without oxygen limitation?

>  Baffles: yes or no?

>  Why doesn’t the scale-up work in stirred bioreactors?

>  Which stoppers/adhesive foils are suitable for shake flasks /MTP?

>  Why are the fermentation results not reproducible?


These and other issues are discussed and backed up with scientific evidence.


We can also provide seminars on specific themes of your choice.

If you would like to be notified about future seminars, please contact us on:

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Seminar in France, Lyon


Topic: "Optimize your shaken cell cultures and fermentations" (English)
For detailed information and application see the following document:
Program and Application (English)

Program and Application   (French)