FlowCon 2/3/4


Stand-alone gas mixing device


The Kuhner FlowCon has been developed for the R&D environment and the initial production steps in bioreactors with disposable bags. Whether stabilizing the pH in cell cultivations with CO2,or reducing oxygen concentration for microaerophilic organisms the FlowCon gas mixer meets all user needs.  The FlowCon can be used as a stand-alone device, or can be integrated with the Kuhner equipment family (incubator shakers, disposable bioreactors, …).

Performance characteristics

+ Mixing up to four gases
(also gas mixtures can be connected)
+ Selectable flow rate: 0-1 [sL/min], 0-20 [sL/min]
+ Kuhner Insight Software control
+ Integration in Kuhner shakers
+ Integrated pressure sensor

Compatible with different bioreactors

a) Stirred tank bioreactor
b) Other disposable systems
c) Orbital Shaken bioreactor


Up to four mass flow controllers ensure high accuracy and reproducibility of the gas mixture. The number of mass flow controllers can be adapted to individual requirements (FlowCon 2/3/4). An integrated pressure sensor prevents overpressure in the connected bioreactor, by reducing the gas flow in the first step and shutting off the gas flow in the second step. Step limits can be freely programmed by the user. Integrated air filters and back pressure valves ensure a long interference free operating time of the FlowCon.


The Kuhner Insight software provides data logging, programming and controlling.

Technical data

Stand-alone gas mixing device

FlowCon 2/3/4

Number of mass flow controllers

2 , 3 or 4

225x158x430 (WxDxH) [mm]
Ambient conditions

5-40 [°C],
max. 85 [% rH]
up to 4 gases, push connector 6 [mm]
+ air
+ oxygen
+ nitrogen
+ carbon dioxide
(also gas mixtures can be connected)
Input pressure
1-2 bar
1, (tube fitting for tube ID 13 [mm])
Flow rates
0-1 [sL/min]
0-20 [sL/min]
0-200 [sL/min]
±1.5% from the end value
Stand-alone operation
Kuhner Insight (optional)
data logging,
Interface, standard CAN-Bus
Interface, optional USB, Ethernet, digital, analogue
Power supply
90-230V, 50-60Hz
Pressure sensor
integrated, 0-400 [mbar], programmable, prevents overpressure in the connected vessel
Air filter
integrated, prevents blocking of the mass flow controllers
Back pressure valve
integrated, prevents reflux into the mass flow controllers
Technical data subject to change