Tray with pins

New tray for culture flasks


Kuhner has designed a new F-size tray (800 x 420mm) which is ideal for cell culture. The F-V5000/7 tray allows parallel shaking of 7 x 3L Corning Fernbach culture flasks, 7 x 5L Corning Erlenmeyer flasks or 7 x 5L Thomson Optimum Growth flasks. Flasks are held in position by pins and are easily placed on the tray and removed just as quickly.

This tray has been designed for easy cleaning and efficient handling of samples.

Tray F (800 x 420 mm) with pins

Order number

SM335000S F-V5000/7
F-tray with pins for 7 flasks:
- 3L or 5L Corning
- 5L Thomson